Anxiety: Homeopathy or Drugs?

Panic attacks, palpitations, and nervous diarrhoea don’t have to rule your life. See a comparison between the homeopathic and conventional approach for anxiety. 

Remedies for Diabetes

Think diabetes is too hard for homeopathy? Think again. Research and clinical usage has shown homeopathy improves diabetic symptoms and glycaemic control – here are a few key remedies.

Homeopathic Help for Joint Pain

Pain, heat, stiffness and swelling – all symptoms of inflamed or arthritic joints. Take a look at which remedies homeopaths turn to again and again for these and other joint problems.

Recurrent Bronchitis – Gone!

Since infancy, this 4-year-old had been troubled by recurrent respiratory infections and bronchitis every 2 months. What effect did Homeopathy have? Take a look. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedies

Do you suffer from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis – joint pain, swelling and stiffness to name just a few? Here’s a list of common remedies that often help.

Remedies for Nosebleeds

Which types of nosebleeds does homeopathy treat? Nosebleeds during deskwork, after eating, with headaches, or with itching of the nostrils is just the beginning.

Help for Cerebral Palsy

Dr Ajay discuss the background and common symptoms of cerebral palsy. A repertorial list is provided with remedies for key symptoms. Professional management gives best results

Remedies for Sciatica

This article lists 43 remedies for sciatica, each matching a different set of symptoms. There are remedies for long-lasting pain, inability to sit still, pain worsened by heat, and much more!

Remedies for the Common Cold

Homeopathy is a safe treatment option for the sniffs, sneezes, chills, aches and pains that come colds. Keep this list handy for the next time one tries to make its way through your house.