Homeopathy for Children: Webinar 7

Homeopathy for Children: Webinar 7

Questions and Answers

  • I don’t have a homeopath near me so can I learn how to do this myself?
  • Where can I get remedies?
  • What sort of things happen during an aggravation? What should I be looking for?
  • You said that some see aggravations as a good thing and so try to make them happen. Why would someone try to do that?
  • My homeopath gives me pills rather than the liquids you speak about. Does this mean I am not getting good treatment?
  • You spoke about remedies made from serious diseases. Is there any chance they could be dangerous? If my child is prescribed one, could it hurt them?
  • Why do some homeopaths give remedies in series and combinations if that’s not the best way and safest way to treat?
  • As Bufo is made from a toad, how does this work? Are there laboratories that breed these animals especially?
  • You have mentioned test doses in previous videos. How is this done? Do you administer a dose in clinic first or do you use a machine to test compatibility?
  • Is it common for a homeopath to prescribe a patient and her two children the same remedy? Is it based on the younger parent having the same constitutional and/or medical dispositions as her children?
  • How long does it take to train as a homeopath?
  • How long does it take to become a good homeopath?


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