How to Treat the Common Cold with Homeopathy

How to Treat the Common Cold with Homeopathy

How To Treat the Common Cold with Homeopathy is an easy-to-read and incredibly useful ebook.

Not only does it give you the tools to treat your cold quickly and safely, it also contains a wealth of information on homeopathy – there is even a section full of natural self-help tips for immediate relief.

It also contains background information on homeopathy, current research, problems associated with conventional treatments, questions to ask your patient before choosing a remedy, what to expect with treatment (with examples from real treatment stories), answers to frequently asked questions and so much more.

This ebook is so simple, even novice homeopathic users can save their families from the discomfort of winter colds. Experienced prescribers also find its additional information is invaluable.

Available in multiple formats – MOBI (Kindle), Epub (iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo) and PDF (for reading on your computer or printing a hard copy). Scroll down to see the table of contents.


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List of Contents for How to Treat the Common Cold with Homeopathy


Chapter One: The Common Cold – A Common Problem

Simple Ways to Avoid a Cold

Chapter Two: Opposites or Similars?

Conventional Approach – It’s All About Opposites

Homeopathic Approach – “Like Cures Likes”

Chapter Three: Conventional Medicines for the Common Cold

Children’s Cough and Cold Products – Ineffective and Dangerous

What about Conventional Medicines for Adults?

Chapter Four: Homeopathy for the Common Cold

What Does the Research Show?

Five People with Five Colds – But Which Remedy?

India: Sudden Intense Symptoms, Anxiety and Panic

Natalie: Burning, Anxious, Restless and Chilly

Brad: Weakness, Headaches and Apathy

Jordan: Swollen Glands, Flabby Tongue, Bad Breath, Green Mucus

Emily: Lots of Yellow-Green Mucus, Emotional, Needy, Worsened by Warmth

Chapter Five: Recognising Symptoms – Look, Listen and Ask

A Checklist of Questions

Chapter Six: How to Choose the Right Remedy and How to Dose

Choosing the Remedy, Step by Step

How to Give the Remedy

Using Liquid Remedies

Using Globules, Pills or Tablets

Dosage Guidelines

Chapter Seven: What to Expect with Treatment

Different Remedy Responses

Symptoms Improve

The Same Symptoms Worsen

New Symptoms Appear but Old Symptoms Remain

New Symptoms Appear while Cold Symptoms Improve

Right Remedy, First Time, Everytime – Not Always Possible

Too Soon or Vague Symptoms

Overlapping Remedies

Obscure Remedies

Chronic, Not Acute

Test and See

Chapter Eight: 18 Key Homeopathic Remedies for the Common Cold

Chapter Nine: Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) About Homeopathy

What is homeopathy?

How does homeopathy work?

Who uses homeopathy?

What will homeopathy treat?

What is the difference between an acute and chronic complaint?

How quickly does homeopathy work?

Does homeopathy only treat humans?

How safe is homeopathy?

Are there restrictions on who can use homeopathy?

What is a homeopathic aggravation?

What can I do if I am sensitive to homeopathic remedies?

How is homeopathy different to conventional medicine?

How are the remedies made?

What is in the remedies?

What do the remedies look and taste like?

When can I treat myself (or my family) and when should I see a trained homeopath?

How do I buy homeopathic remedies?

Can I use more than one remedy at a time?

Can I overdose on homeopathy?

Can I antidote the remedy?

Chapter Ten: Other Natural Ways to Treat the Common Cold

1. Practical Advice

2. Stimulate that Immune System

3. Control Infection

4. Break up Mucus

5. Soothe those Symptoms

Chapter Eleven: “Strange but True” Treatments

1. The Wet Sock Approach

2. Tickle your Ears with Hydrogen Peroxide

Chapter Twelve: When To Seek Professional Help

A Final Word

About Fran Sheffield

Homeopathic Glossary


Price: $16.85 USD

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